Research Activity
"Sakrale Architektur Breslaus" German-Polish Workshop
St. Salvator Church

The workshop deals with the peculiarity of sacral architecture at the end of the 19th century, on the example of unrealized designs for St. Salvator Church by architect C. J. Zimmermann (1831 - 1911) in Breslau / Wrocław (Poland).

In 1867 - 1868, the architect C. J. Ch. Zimmermann supplied several drafts of the church for the Protestant community in Wroclaw, which were direct related to the project of the New Synagogue and the Catholic St. Michael’s Church, but were never realized.

German and Polish students from the faculty of architecture at the Hochschule Mainz and from the art history faculty at the University of Wrocław were invited to participate in the workshop. They worked together in five groups under the supervision of tutors on the 3D reconstruction of the five designs for the Salvator church.

The participants reconstructed the buildings in SketchUp on the basis of archival documents and where needed - they used typical building components of religious buildings from that time.

The goal was to train students to collaborate in an international and interdisciplinary group, and to enable an intensive examination of the architectural heritage using freely accessible 3D modeling and visualization software.

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